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Tori parish

Tori Parish was formed in 2017 as a result of the administrative reform, when Are, Sauga, Sindi and Tori parishes were merged. We designed the digital versions of the coat of arms, the flag and insignia. Also added manual how to use it.

The author of the idea, Priit Herodes, describes his creation as follows: The golden colour signifies life-giving light, the ultimate truth and success, is the coat of arms of Pärnu County and Estonia. Red marks courage, love, as well as the activities of the Holy Spirit, and is (along with silver) the coat of arms of the city of Sindi, which has joined the municipality of Tori. Silver is the hallmark of wisdom, faithfulness, and purity of soul.

The wavy distribution of the shield marks the river, and the horseshoe is a sign of happiness known from ancient times and refers to the horse breeding that brought fame to Tori area in the past. Silver and red are also the hallmarks of St. George and together with the crosses symbolize the Estonian Soldiers' Memorial Church in Tori.


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