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What a name, right! When doing a small house brewery, then do it with style. Thats how little brewery from Pelgulinn came to us with a wish of labels and here is the outcome.

Discgolf clothing for Kristin Tattar & Silver Lätt

Spring brought Kristin Tattar & Silver Lätt, two top discgolf players, to us with a wish to find custom visual solution to their training and competition shirts.

PNL Engineers

PNL Engineers is small engineering bureau with great work ethic and even greater attitude.

Future School

Future school is Tallinn University program and the aim is to renew the school's learning and teaching culture in cooperation between the university and the school.

Symbols of the Ministry of the Environment  

The Ministry of the Environment created values to represent and determine their institution. We made the set of symbols and concept of the visual appearance.

Riigi Kinnisvara Podcast

Difficult times demand new methods. Riigi Kinnisvara turned to us with a wish to find visual solution to new series of podcasts and webinars. 

Bon Soya

Bon Soya was created in 2003 out of a desire to provide people with healthy and delicious plant food. In fifteen years of operation, Bon Soya has become a reputable manufacturing company.

Tori parish

Tori Parish was formed in 2017 as a result of the administrative reform, when Are, Sauga, Sindi and Tori parishes were merged. We designed the digital versions of the coat of arms, the flag and insignia. Also added manual how to use it.

Lääneranna parish

Lääneranna Parish was formed in 2017 as a result of administrative reform, when Hanila, Koonga, Lihula and Varbla parishes were merged. We made visual concept & designed coat of arms, flags, business documents and much more.


Karloova's product range includes various handmade toys made of textiles and solid wood. All toys are made of natural materials and in cooperation with various experts, developing the child's motor skills and offering a lot of fun.


Kliimamuutused.ee will educate the readers about our environment – how we change the climate, and how the climate changes us.


Our roads crossed with Wesse already in 2009, when they reached to us only with an idea to produce log furniture. We started with name search and rest is already history.

eGovernance Academy

The e-Governance Academy (eGA) is a think tank and consultancy organisation founded for the creation and transfer of knowledge and best practice concerning e-governance, e-democracy, cyber security and the development of open information societies.

eGovernance Conference

World leading e-governance experts from governmental structures, business sector, academias, global organizations and social groups will meet during the IT Week in Tallinn e-Governance Conference.