Medita Clinic

Medita Clinic is private clinic established with local capital in 2011 with a wish to offer quality services to men's health.

Today Medita has widen their profile and now they are offering specialized medical services in endocrinology, gynecology, andrology and urology, general surgery and rheumatology specialties.

Medita kliinik on kodumaisel kapitalil loodud erakliinik, mis asutati 2011. aastal sooviga pakkuda kvaliteetseid meeste tervisele suunatud teenuseid. Tänaseks päevaks on ettevõte oma tegevust tugevalt laiendanud ning nüüd pakutakse eriarstiabi endokrinoloogia, günekoloogia, uroloogia ja androloogia, üldkirurgia ja reumatoloogia erialadel.

Besides clinical services they also deal with science and development and support different nationwide health projects.

We have been with Medita since their first day and launched their second website version for today, which has warmer and cleaner look, also updated UI and design. Whole new website is designed and built up from ground zero.

Client: Medita Clinic
Contact: Kristo Ausmees, Siim Ausmees

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